Garden Club Meetings

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The Wellington Garden Club meets on the first Monday of each month September
through April 
at the Village Park , 11700 Pierson Road
Guests are welcome with prior notification.  Contact Jim Wenham.
10:30am  Business Meeting
  A light luncheon buffet is served.
12:15pm   The
program begins (Program listing follows). 

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Remember to bring your UPC labels and plastic bottle caps and items for the 3R CLUB to the monthly meetings.

2014-2015 PROGRAMS

September 8, 2014
Rare Ginger and Helconia

John Goss

helconia  John is the owner of J.G.’s Tropical Plants and Fine Art
  Photography in Vero Beach. He has traveled
  throughout the Caribbean in pursuit of new and unique
  varieties of gingers and heliconia that will thrive in our
  Florida climate. We will learn how to propagate these
  plants, and care for them. He will offer advice in plant
 selection and bring beautiful specimens for you to buy
 and add to your own garden.

Tel: (772) 571-9604

October 6, 2014
Farmhouse Tomatoes
Walter Ross

  Farmhouse Tomatoes in Lake Worth is the “original”  
  hydroponic greenhouse grower of heirloom tomatoes
  in the U.S.   Walter Ross owner and grower went from
  producing rock ‘n’ roll concerts in the 1980s to
  producing the finest gourmet heirloom tomatoes in
  Florida. Come hear his fascinating story and taste
  tomatoes grown from seed varieties dating back

    Tel: (561) 968-6971

November 3, 2014
Sea Turtles in the Lake Worth Lagoon
Jonathan Gorham, Ph.D. 
Vice President /Director of Inwater Research Group

  Ever wondered how to care for that beautiful orchid once you got it  We all know 
  about the world-class sea nesting in Palm Beach County, but did you know sea
Sea Turtleturtles live year round in the Lake Worth Lagoon?  
  Small green sea turtles use the shallow waters of the
  lagoon as a place to live, feed and grow. For the last
  eight years, a group of green turtles in the lagoon has
een the focus of an ongoing research project by
  Inwater Research Group, a nonprofit conservation
  organization headquartered
in Jensen Beach,
  Florida. Some areas in the lagoon support the most
  dense population recorded anywhere in Florida.
  Genetic testing has found that some of these small
  turtles have come to the lagoon from as far away as
  Ascension Island in the South Atlantic, over 6000 miles away!

Address: 4160 NE Hyline Road, Jensen Beach, FL 34957

January 5, 2015
Petal Design - Floral Elegance
Petal Harvill

                                 Petal H
arvill is a Master Floral Designer   petal
  Petal Havill and owner of Petal Designs in Boca Raton.
  Her company  provides floral design 

oncepts for hotels, resorts, commercial
  interiors, home dé
cor and social events.
Petal has vast international experience.
  Her background is in French, Dutch and
  Asian designs. S
he will demonstrate her
  talents for us and share some beautiful 
                                 examples of her work.

Tel ( 561) 391-5394


February 2, 2015

Over The Good, the Good and the Ugly ! ( Vultures )
Sydelle Dombrowsky
 Green Cay Wetlands Nature Center

  Now do not say YUCK! I’m not staying for this presentation. Sydelle Dombrowsky
will entertai
Vulture2n you and educate you on these 
misunderstood and reviled creatures that evoke 
shudders and are nature’s ultimate cleanup crew. You will learn about their ancestry, anatomy, habits, flight, myths and some very surprising and often humorous facts about vultures. Sydelle is a Florida Master Gardener and a certified Florida Naturalist. She is a sought after lecturer at Mounts and garden clubs throughout Palm Beach County. When she is not sharing her love for these birds she is often found at the Green Cay Wetlands Nature
  Center where she is a docent and member of the Board of Directors.




March 2, 2015
Commonly Occurring
Plant Diseases In Your Back Yard
Dr. Ken Pernezny

  Does your garden and landscape need help? Join us for
  expert advice from Dr.Ken Pernezny, a retired professor 
  emeritus of plant
pathology at the University of Florida.
  His expertise at UF was centered on disease problems facing
  Florida’s vegetable industry.  Since retirement he has been a
  weekly volunte
er at the plant hotline for the Palm Beach
  County Extension Office and assists coun
ty agents and
  Master Gardeners in diagnosing plant health issues that are
  found in your back yard. Join us fo
r this informative



April 6, 2015

Restoring Florida's Vanishing Coral Reefs
Ashley  Hill
Outreach Coordinator, Coral Restoration Foundation

  The Coral Restoration Foundation ( CRF ) in Key Largo is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to creating off-shore nurseries and restoration programs for threatened coral species.  Ashley Hill began her time at CRF as an intern in January

   Kayla Ripple of 2014. A graduate of Western Washington University  
   with a B.S. in Environmental Science with an emphasis   
   in Marine Ecology, Ashley became a diver several years
   ago and has been hooked ever since
Her responsibilities
   with CRF include organizing the volunteer program,
   scheduling volunteers, and organizing educational
   outreach and related projects.  She also manages the
   Coral Restoration and Conservation Internship and
   maintains CRF’s communication, press, and social media.
  The coral reef restoration effort is one that has been embraced by the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs and furthers the Wellington Garden Club’s mission to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.