Garden Club Meetings

The Wellington Garden Club meets on the first Monday of each month September
through April
at the Wellington Community Center, 12165 W Forest Hill Blvd.  [
Guests are welcome with prior notification.  Contact Carol Coleman.
10:30am  Business Meeting
  A light luncheon buffet is served.
12:15pm   The
program begins (Program listing follows). 

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Remember to bring your UPC labels and plastic bottle caps and items for the 3R CLUB to the monthly meetings.

2013-2014 PROGRAMS

September 9, 2013
Are Exotic Invasives Lurking in Your Garden?

Jay D Carter
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Aug/Sep 2013 Florida Gardening

                                        pepperThe topic of exotic invasive plants is one that Jay Carterjay
                                        carter has covered since he began writing for Florida Gardening in 1995. His unique horticultural humor has included such topics as “Yard Pest, Slug Fest,” “Welcome Northern Gardeners, Did you Bring Money?”, “Summer’s Over and It’s Dead Again,” and “Lawn Flamingos Are Back in the Pink.” Well, you get the picture.

Be prepared to laugh while you learn. His editorial comments have appeared in National Geographic and Newsweek. His marketing skills have been utilized by such major companies as Keebler, Motorola, and Barnett Bank

Tel: (561) 784-7453


October 7, 2013
Great Ideas to Plant Now - Container and Vertical Gardening
Pamela Crawford
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Challenged for space where you live? Container gardens are the answer.pam
Pamela’s talk will focus on plant design ideas and container trends to try right after you leave the meeting! Learn the easiest plants for our wonderful cool season, coupled with a simple design system for fast,
professional results. Listen to the latest information on container trends including striking ceramic glazes, gorgeous edibles and living walls.

Pamela Crawford has authored ten gardening books, designed gardens for over 1500 homes and has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living. Her undergraduate degree is from Vanderbilt University with a master’s degree in landscape architecture from Florida International University. Her goal is to highlight plants that give the most color for the least amount of care.
    Tel: (561) 371-2719

November 4, 2013
Orchids 101 - Learn the Basics and More About Orchid Care
Hyla Levine

orchid potEver wondered how to care for that beautiful orchid once you got it
home? Hyla Levine, co-owner of Green Barn Orchid Supplies inhyla levine
Delray Beach, will start with Orchid 101 and introduce you to multiple types of orchids, their care, watering, potting mixes and more so that they continue to grow for your enjoyment for many years. She will have orchids and supplies available for purchase after the meeting.

Tel: (561) 499-2810
Address: 5185 Conklin Drive, Delray Beach, FL 33484

January 6, 2014
The Magical World of Butterflies and Butterfly Gardening
Jan Everett

Jan Everett has been an avid butterfly gardener since 1996. With herjan everett
husband, John, they have been photographing the life stages of butterflies.  As a member of the National Butterfly Association and a trained Master Gardener, she will introduce to you the magical world of butterflies and the ways in which you can invite them to take up residence in your own backyard.

monarchJan has helped both Wellington Landings Middle School and Equestrian Trails Elementary environmental clubs establish their own butterfly gardens. We are fortunate to have her as a resident member of our garden club.


February 3, 2014

Over Fertilizing May Become Illegal
Dr Ron Rice

Extension Agent, Sugarcane, Rice & Sod
University of Florida Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service

ron rice Have you seen the ads on TV about “more” of anything being better than “less”? Well when it comes to fertilizing our lawns and plants, more is not necessarily better. This is according to Dr. Ron Rice of the University of Florida’s Palm Beach County Cooperative Extension Service. Dr. Rice will get us up to date on what’s needed for our gardens, what products and practices may become illegal, and how we can work with landscapers for optimum results. The health of our ecosystem depends on us being informed and responsible gardeners/homeowners. So come, listen and learn.

2976 State Rd 15, Belle Glade, FL 33430
561-996-1655  or


March 3, 2014
The Big Five of East Africa
Martin Matei

Martin Matei has been a Safari driver/guide for over 13 years. He hasmartin matei
been on over 288 safaris in the National parks of Kenya and Tanzania.  His is not only an African animal and bird expert but is quite knowledgeable about the trees, plants, flowers and shrubs of East Africa. His
presentation highlights many of the East African plants and flowers that are also found in Florida, as well as a few medicinal applications. Of course, he may share some fabulous stories of the “Big Five” African animals and some of the “famous” people he has guided on safaris.


April 7, 2014

Have You Gone Native? - Planting Native Plants
Kristi Moyer

kristi moyerKristi Moyer, facilities and land manager at Pine Jog Environmental Center, teaches at the center and brings her wealth of knowledge to educate people on why it’s imperative to “go native” in their landscaping.  You will learn what to expect when you incorporate native species in your yard and how to do it. She will bring an awareness and appreciation of the natural world, promote an understanding of ecological concepts as well as instill a sense of stewardship towards the earth and all its inhabitants.

Pine Jog Environmental Center
6301 Summit Blvd., West Palm Beach, FL 33415
Phone: (561) 686-6600